Our Platform

We built List Armor with speed and security in mind. We realize there are other suppression list management companies out there, but as industry professionals, we knew an innovative technology approach could solve the same problems more elegantly and cost-effectively. This is what we mean:


List Armor is delivered on a cloud platform hosted by world-class datacenter providers. What does this mean? Our product increases and decreases capacity as necessary. This enables us to provide insanely fast data processing to every customer, and isolate one customer's activities from the rest. In short, we can offer near-dedicated capacity for all of our customers without the traditional costs associated with dedicated computing.


Many marketers, advertisers, and affiliates have specific integration or functionality needs for their suppression list solution. Our development team can customize our software to fit your organization's needs, without sacrificing ongoing improvements. Our rich Application Programming Interface (API) allows out-of-the box integration with the major functions of the List Armor software.


The best technology in the world isn't worth much if it's not available. Our system is built for redundancy and failure resilience. With List Armor, enjoy near 100% system uptime with proactive system monitoring and automatic capacity scaling.


Need automatic integration? Schedule automated tasks to perform list imports from a 3rd party using HTTP (web downloads), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or Secure FTP. Simply choose the days and time, task parameters, and have the system do the work for you.

Want Details?

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