Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose List Armor over the competition?

Lots of reasons!

  • Excellent customer support, with short turnaround on feature requests and problem reports.
  • We provide a comprehensive suppression list platform at a much lower price, and can be integrated into most any 3rd party system or platform for a seamless solution.
  • We're a lean startup. Our customers work directly with our founders and architects to drive features. We depend on our customers' success.

How much does it cost?

Our plans start at $95/mo, with incredibly straightforward billing: Plan overage is a simple $1 CPM per month. Customized plans are available, and encouraged, for enterprise customers with specific platform needs outside of what our fixed-price tiers offer. Our fixed-price plans have no contract term and each comes with a free 14-day trial so there aren't any surprises. See our pricing page for more information.

What is CAN-SPAM, and why is it important?

CAN-SPAM compliance is the law: email marketers must honor unsubscribe requests within 10 days, and provide a reliable method for recipients to opt-out. In-house list management solutions can be cumbersome and expensive – not to mention risky. Each email sent in violation of the CAN-SPAM act can cost the sender up to $16,000.

Why is List Armor superior to other suppression list services?

List Armor has been built from the ground up with a few concepts in mind: security, flexibility, and simplicity. We set out to build a simple, agile service that can fit the needs of industry professionals while taking the steps necessary to keep their sensitive information safe. A great side-effect of our flexible system is speed. Some email marketers are used to waiting hours (or days) for list scrubs and imports. With List Armor, interacting with your suppression lists is always fast, and getting faster as we scale our infrastructure.

What is a List Armor landing page?

Rather than simply showing an "unsubscribe" page, List Armor customers are given the choice of providing other options to recipients who click their unsubscribe link, often converting an unsubscribe to a lead. Recipients are sometimes willing to provide preference information to email marketers to receive more relevant information -- for example, frequency of mailings -- if given the option.

What is a suppression list?

A suppression list is simply a list of email addresses that have opted-out of a particular mailing campaign. This list is used to "scrub" a mailing list to ensure that only the desired recipients receive a mailing.

Does List Armor have an API?

Yes, List Armor customers can use the API to interact with the system and integrate into their in-house databases and work flow.

How does List Armor protect my brand?

In the past 10 years, "spam" email has become an astronomical problem. Inboxes cluttered with unwanted content and advertisements have made people angry about unsolicited commercial email. This anger is fueled when your recipient unsubscribes from a mailing and continues to receive email from you. Scenario B: you continue to send email to people who have already purchased your service. This is irritating to the customer and can damage your brand.

List Armor keeps track of your unsubscribes across all marketing channels, gives your customers the option of specifying email preferences rather than unsubscribing, and integrates cleanly with your current business flow.

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